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    Ntakirutimana Evarist shares the happiness of many children with the balls he designs, and as Cameo Casino, we wanted to support this pleasant initiative. Children's happiness is our greatest joy and seeing their bliss makes us feel like a child once again. We visited the children of Shangi by going to Kangemi and gave gifts together with the balls Ntakirutimana made. The happiness on their faces reminded us how the labor of love was right to the point. As Cameo Casino we have always been and will continue to support the children and youth for their education with the scholarships we provide.

    Children are our future and they always deserve to be happy.

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    What Is Roulette?
    Roulette is the favorite guessing (wheel) game of casinos. Roulette offers players different betting options without distinguishing between being lucky or unlucky.

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  • Blackjack


    Blackjack has become one of the most common casino games in the last 100 years and has spread all over worldwide. 

    Blackjack is a casino banked game, meaning that players compete....

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